SMBWO Certification

Applying for SMBWO certification has to be done through the professional associations. Each association has field specific requirements.

In the procedure leading to SMBWO recognition, the so-called Supervisory and Evaluation Committees (CTBs) play a central role. A separate CTB has been set for each specialty. The members of the CTBs are experts in the field concerned and are appointed on the recommendation of the professional associations. The committees, for each specialism one, tests, after the nomination of a candidate by his or her supervisor, if the person complies with the training requirements. Upon positive advice by the CTB, recognition by the SMBWO, in the particular specialty, follows and the candidate receives the SMBWO certificate.

In general: requirements for certification

  • Doctors and biomedical researchers who have completed recognised training programmes will receive the SMBWO certificate after nomination by their association and subsequently a positive assessment of their knowledge and skills by SMBWO.
  • Researchers who have not obtained a PhD degree or not from a recognised institution, may approach a recognised trainer. Based on the candidates’ curricula vitae and publications, the trainer will assess whether these individuals qualify substantively for the certificate. In some cases, the candidate will have to broaden his/her theoretical education or research experience.

Scientific workers who wish to apply for SMBWO registration for their training institutes may, after consulting with associations and the SMBWO’s Board, contact the SMBWO’s secretariat

Steps to reach SMBWO certification

Regulations per field

Regulation Dutch English
Experimental Pathobiology
Medical Fysiology
Medical Microbiology
Nutritional Sciences
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For general questions about the SMBWO you may contact the Secretary:

Dr. Ir Roelinka Broekhuizen

+31 (0)6 50835993


For administrative questions you may contact the secretariat:
Mw. I.F. Zonnenberg-Hoff