Applying for SMBWO certification has to be accomplished via the Dutch Society for Immunology

Educators per university
Erasmus Medisch Centrum, Medical Immunology, Dr. W. Dik, w.dik[at]
LUMC, Afd. Infectieziekten, Dr. P.H. Nibbering, p.h.nibbering[at]
MUMC, Dept of Internal Med, Dr. W.T.V. Germeraad, w.germeraad[at]
Sanquin, Dept of Hematopoiesis, Dr. M.A. Nolte, m.nolte[ad]
UMC St. Radboud, Afd. Laboratoriumgen, Dr. A. van der Meer, arnold.vandermeer[at]
UMC Utrecht, Dr. A.C. Bloem, a.bloem[at]
UMCG, AA21, Dept of Rheumatology, Prof. Dr. F.G.M. Kroese, f.g.m.kroese[at]
VUMC, Afd. Moleculaire Cel, Prof. Dr. E.Y. van Kooyk, y.vankooyk[at]
Overseeing committee

Dr. R. Brooimans, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam (chair)
Dr. A. Ioan-Facsinay, LUMC, Leiden (secretary)
Dr. P.A. Baars (AMC-UvA), Amsterdam
Dr. A. Lambeck, UMCG, Groningen


For general questions about the SMBWO you may contact the Secretary:
Dr. Ir Roelinka Broekhuizen
p/a Postbus 837
6800 AV Arnhem

+31 (0)6 50835993


For administrative questions you may contact the secretariat:
Mw. I.F. Zonnenberg-Hoff